Got a Startup? Add it!


Most of health and doctor-assistance software exist from the 90s and are offline, and if found online, they are only directed towards doctors and are expensive.

DocMondo is a web/mobile application for both doctors and patients. Since it is accessible online, doctors and patients can login from any place they want using their personal username and password. As a doctor, DocMondo enables you to save all your data in one place, including patient history, prescriptions, schedules, payments, financial reports… and it also sets reminders for appointments and to-do lists. As a patient, you’ll have personalized reminders for prescriptions and medication, easy access to your medical history, so you don’t forget anything. Also it is very easy to share your medical history with new doctors, such as previously taken medications or undergone operations that you might be prone to forget to share orally during the visit. You can also request blood donations.