Got a Startup? Add it!


OMOSIT is an e-learning platform dedicated to cross media design learning in Arabic language mainly. OMOSIT focusing on "learn by doing concept", the appropriate process of design with less focus on "how to use design softwares” courses".

Our courses are design centric  with each course containing a project so the attendees can follow up with the instructors by building the same project or another one with the same concept. And to make the information stick with our audience we made quizzes after each section inside the course.

We are trying to simulate design internship in studios and move it online.

Our courses can be divided in three approaches:

- Career track:

this approach helps the participants to master a design job requirements with full understanding of the process, the roll and the softwares used.

this approach contain set of courses that enables the participant to be ready for the job.

- courses:

as  we mentioned earlier, these courses are the base of the career track. Inside each course there should be a design project and set of quizzes to emphasize the information received in the course.

- Advance Skill:

this approach meant to educate our audience about tricks and design secrets so they can take their skills to the next level.

In OMOSIT we are covering five main topics, which are :

Animation - Photography/videography - Audio - Interactive media - Graphics.

Currently we are in gathering users data stage, which should help us validate the market and to get closer to our targeted audience