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Tripified is Gamified, Guided, Crowd-sourced Tourism Experience App 

  • Did you know that the door of Sultan Hassan mosque was brought from ِAcre city, where it was originally a door of a church?

  • Did you know that an Earthquake lead to the destruction of the third Minaret of the mosque and leading to a rebellion against the Sultan leading to him being killed?

  • Have you ever been in a touristic site wandering around it, seeing interesting architecture and artifacts and you have some questions in mind that needs an answer? 

  • Do you feel it is boring to just listen to info about a site without an activity or game?

  • Well, you can depend on Tripified to get stories and some interesting facts about how things were built, why and the drama that happened there. 

  • You will also know the art styles and architecture type. 

Traveler needs

Whether inbound or domestic, tourists can be categorized by being independent travelers or using companies to organize their trips. 

For Independent visitors (Single travelers or small group) and thanks to internet and booking facilities online, there is a growing shift in the way people travel. Independent travelers are now depending on themselves to plan a whole trip online with no need for a tourism company nor being part of a group. They use review sites to know and evaluate what they shall be visiting in the specific place. Visitors are interested in knowing the stories of how the people live, how their ancestors used to live, the stories behind architecture,...etc 


Many people visit tourist attraction sites with little available information and its interesting stories, The availability and convenience of the information to be presented  for those touristic sites is scarce  

Quality tour guides are considered expensive and their availability is limited. 

Considering the large amounts of places a tourist might be interested to visit, it can be unfeasible to pay and have time suitable for all those places. 

- Some locals, especially youth, can get discouraged to visit cultural places in their country as it can get a little boring listening to information with big quantities for a long time.At the same time there are scientists, archeologists and tour guides who admire the cultural sites and history, and they are willing to spread their knowledge about those sites to the world. Some of them are members of societies that aim to spread knowledge of culture. While local business is struggling to increase revenues.


To solve the above issues and to increase the cultural identity, we have created a gamified guided tour app that will give access to location-based interesting stories and information inside cultural sites and in tourist attractions locations with an optional treasure-hunting game to.create excitement in the tour experience. 

The users are the main source of the app stories, as they locate points of interest, information and stories; guided location-based stories. 

Innovation and Uniqueness

  • By using the power of the crowds to share stories and information about each and every location with significant interest to tourists, from archeological sites, famous streets,...etc

  • We are the first to create a location based, Wikipedia-like experience to present stories of things that might be unnoticed while having a story to be told.

  • And with an optional gaming experience, the user can have the mixed experience of playing a game of treasure hunt and at the same time learning about specific interesting stories.