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 We are providing translation and localization services to help our clients from enlarging their business by localize all their services or products worldwide professionally with the best quality using our native and qualified resources.

Biomedical, Agricultural, business innovations have a world-wide audience. Each new innovation, each new medical/pharmaceutical, system, application, program product, has a world-wide market. This presents a unique challenge to a company to develop translations in the following areas:

 Instructions for use.

 User's manuals.

 Service manuals.

 Packaging/labels.

 Clinical trials.

 Regulatory documents.

 Marketing materials.

 Legal area.

There is need for a translation service that is expert with the technical information as well as the languages where the product will be sold.

Apple-Localization is an invaluable resource in preparing a product for the world marketplace. We will offer medical, legal, marketing, music, fashion, foods, IT translation in the following areas:

 Medical devices.

 Pharmaceuticals.

 Biotechnology.

 Websites.

 Mobile applications.

 Machine’s brochure.

 HR documentation.

 Company presentations.

 Legal requirements.