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Augmental adaptive learning provides complementary online tools to class curriculums and provides educators access to student progress enabling them to customize their learning material.

Each students’ learning is self-directed through an immersive experience according to their unique needs. 

Our approach is based on competency-based education that measures learning rather than time. This allows us to adapt curriculums of different countries, cultures and schools which can be customized and personalized based on the objectives and learning outcomes. 

What we do ? (Features)

Adaptive learning: Provides students with a course walkthrough that adapts the learning material to the students’ progress according to their unique needs. We use multiple artificial intelligence algorithms that relies on data at its core to guide the learning path, this relates learning material with students’ answers in real-time.

All interactive: Increases course interactivity by providing teachers a set of multimedia materials with Augmented Reality 3D models. This keeps the students’ motivated to learn more by relating the topic in hand with state-of-the-art detailed 360 degree models, making the learning process informative, educative and fun. 

Educational assistant: Engages students by putting in place a ‘study buddy’, the personal teaching assistant ready to answer their questions. It is a bot that establishes conversation between ‘study buddies’ or hooks them up with a student or educator that has opted in to help. 

360-degree insights: Puts at the hand of educators, academic administrators and parents  a one-stop shop analysis of the students’ competencies and progress. This helps in putting a comprehensive view of key achievements with the possibility to introduce, reinforce or challenge selected competencies.

Accessibility: The system is cross platform and is accessible on tablets and smartphones. Most importantly, it supports English, French and Arabic content and works online and offline, which makes the content accessible anywhere, anytime.