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Frendy Tours

Frendy Tours is the first E-tourism online platform that targets young expatriates and mid career professionals, age from twenty-three to forty-five, through the provision of attractive touristic packages. Frendy Tours offers direct online purchases through its electronic platform, with a fully secured online payment, directly serving its clients and friends all over the world.

Whether a mid career expatriate, a busy young professional, a young cultural explorer or even a “need a break” type of traveler, Frendy Tours offers ready made touristic packages in an open and friendly social atmosphere, with both unbeatable prices and unforgettable experience for groups of expatriates and young professionals to top world designations. Frendy Tours offers a creative social networking platform for expatriates and young professionals, who normally a lot of times don’t find the time or the social group to travel with, for a short vacation amidst the day-to-day busy everyday life.

Frendy Tours creates a customer-tailored memorable travel experience, through connecting different expatriates and middle age solo or even twin travellers, through short touristic excursions and tours. Frendy tours enriches the customer experience through cultural exchange and social networking. Frendy Tours strategically positions its competitive edge on the basis of social cohesion, reinforcement of personal relations, cultural exchange and fostering human interaction among tourists and travelers. We believe that tourism is more than visiting a new destination. It is about maximizing human and social capital development within the destination and beyond.