Got a Startup? Add it!


We introduce to you BIDAPPEAL, which is a revolutionary platform that will change how people interact with e-commerce websites and the experience of buying Online.

A platform where the user has to forget about the price tag and simply choose his/her desired price

.A platform which features a fashion corner with a monthly article in latest trends  and ads section.

BIDAPPEAL is a concept that includes a thrilling shopping experience, fairness and equality in competition, and limited seats per item, all  within the 15 minutes time frame. 

With our experience , we noticed that no one can acquire a good discount based on his/her preference in time. One should wait until flash sales to have the privilege of benefiting from a discount; and despite that, the discount margins would not be so high.

For that reason, we created Bidappeal. A platform that will allow users to have the privilege of attaining high percentages of discounts on their favorite items and brands.

To acquire a bigger range of market share, we have Bidappeal in English and Arabic.