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Jibber Jabber

Jibber Jabber tech startup out of Dubai Silicon Oasis that built an AI Calendar app for students out called JJ, it focuses on the area of education management & Productivity through hybrid interactive recognition of schedules & cognitive machine learning for task prioritisation mechanisms that enhances the academic experience of higher education students & faculty. Currently the company is incubated by Silicon Oasis Founders and is now in its beta testing phase,  piloting with leading universities in the region such as AUS, AUD,  AUB, & RIT. 

The problem:

In a course lecture, how often do we hear students exhibiting the following behaviors, and how commonly do those behaviors occur?

  • Coming to class late

  • Asking to leave class early

  • Missing class for reasons other than being ill (appointments, etc.)

  • Turning in assignments late

  • Not turn in assignments at all (or during finals week)

  • Demonstrating panic before midterms and finals

  • Asking for help beginning an assignment due the next class/day/hour (or a week ago)

  • Exclaiming: "I didn't know it was due today!"

  • Muttering: "I don't have my books yet." (Said during midterms)

  • Coming to class unprepared

  • Frantically completing Homework(s) five minutes before class, or during class

These mentioned behaviors suggest evidence of time management problems, probably the most common difficulty faced by college students. Students may not even be aware of how their time management skills directly influence the success or failure of their classes. Or, they may be well aware of their lack of time management skills, yet unable to turn them around 

The platform consists of both a web and mobile app similar to Sunrise Calendar (acquired by Microsoft)