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Who Are We?

SpimeSenseLabs (S.A.E) Company is established in 2013 by expertise in software development, telecom & IT industry and relies on highly qualified young professionals.

Our expertise have more than 18 years of leading telecom industry, certified by global telecom vendors and have delivered innovative solutions to global telecom operators and banking institutions in the Middle East.

Our staff comprises highly qualified young professionals who have the merits of innovation among their basic skill set.

Our Vision

We believe, Internet will be containing billions of connected devices exchanging data to serve the needs of human being turning the internet to be IoT (Internet of Things) with great impact on our life and business where we innovate platforms and applications to iotify various industry verticals.

Our lines of business

We have a focused IoT products and services portfolio to help our customers to increase their profitability, improve their operational efficiency and enhance the quality of their products.

We sell and deliver MasterOfThings IoT Application Enablement Platform, an innovative cloud based platform, for our customers to use to quickly develop and launch professional Internet of Things and Machine-to-Machine applications.

We also develop custom IoT applications to iotify our customer’s business utilizing our IoT professional experience and capabilities of our IoT platform MasterOfThings.

We also provide consultancy and 3 levels of IoT training courses for IoT application development planning and integrate into customer business process for various industry segments

1-2 days for executives with focused consultancy on customers’ business.

3 days for middle management with focus on Applications, IoT integration to business processes and how to choose the right IoT AEP for customer business.

5 days of hands on training for software developers.

Our Current Partners and Customers

We are always eager to find the right partner. With our partners we have a bigger value in the IoT value chain offered to our customer. We have local partners in Egypt as well as regional and global partners who have multinational presence (i.e. SIGFOX, m2m Alliance, Intel & IBM).

Our current customers are the ones who have a pioneering vision to optimize and enhance their operations as well as their offerings utilizing IoT and hence increase their revenues.  System Integrators and Solution Providers can be either customers or partners who are looking to quickly build advanced IoT/M2M solutions to their customers using MasterOfThings platform.

Still we offer MasterOfThings to customers who would like to build their own applications with drag and drop ease of use by MasterOfThings visual IDE.

Highlights of some of our projects

We have delivered multiple projects and below we highlight some of those that show what type of competences we are offering.

Water Desalination operation management based on IoT. One of our customers have more than 48 operational sites for water desalination with hundreds of machines to operate involving thousands of sensors to monitor and follow their readings on a 24/7 bases to monitor the daily production and operations. In this project we provide consultancy services for the operation optimization as well as the development of the whole system utilizing MasterOfThings platform.

Remote Monitoring and control of industrial machines. One of our customers is manufacturing and selling a corporate carpet cleaning machine that is controlled by a PLC (Programmable Logic Control/industrial computer). They sell it to big laundry service centers, hotels and they offer a very high service level agreement on the reliability and machine operation. Our customer uses an application running on top of MasterOfThings to monitor and remotely control their machines while it is operating anywhere in the world to provide preventive maintenance and support operations for their end customers.

R&D projects for IoT/M2M product development where we cooperate with our customers and partners to develop IoT/M2M products for agriculture irrigation. We are contracted to provide consultancy for the product features & functions as well as developing the SW application components of the products.

Hands on IoT and Telecom post graduate training curriculum for Information Technology institutions and universities in Egypt, KSA and Kuwait where students utilize MasterOfThings platform to implement their IoT post graduate or undergraduate projects.  Here we provide consultancy for the content of the studies for the student, consultancy for the project development, project output as well as providing a license for MasterOfThings to the institutions and universities for their students to use.