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Monica is a personal relations manager that will allow you to exchange your contact details with others, enter follow-ups, notes, and reminders all in one platform. It is like a personal CRM. Whenever you meet someone and he gives you his business card, you scan this business card with Monica, enter notes related to the person, where you met, when you want to follow up with him, and press save. Monica will automatically send your digital business card to the person’s email. If both professionals are using Monica this will allow them to find each other there and connect instead of using business cards, plus they get more information about each other’s connections and get introductions. Since Monica has a social media feel so you will be able to know updates about your connections and to which events they are going near you, this way it will be easier to follow up with them.

During networking events, Monica is providing a platform for event organizers to upload their multi-track agenda, list of speakers and exhibitors, and send push notifications to their visitors. This way Monica will be able to suggest to professionals, through a smart recommendation system, which talks to attend and who to meet inside this event. Monica provides as well a tinder-like feature to help people find each other, break the ice, and initiate conversations.