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The problem and the solution

As School Counselors, we all know how tough it is to fight with teachers to pull students away from their regular schedules, manage appointments around an already-busy schedule filled with admin meetings and new programs, and keep track of our students' progress so we don't feel like we're starting at ground zero every time we finally do get to meet. And don´t even mention when feeling isolated as well!

GoCounselor is designed by School Counselors for School Counselors to:

(1) Eliminate the stress of tracking appointments, keeping you, your student, and their teacher all on the same page without mis-communication.

(2) Automatically schedule follow-up appointments based on the goals you've set for your student, so that you don't have to keep track, and your student gets the help they need, WHEN they need it.

(3) Keep seamless notes that follow your student through their appointments - you'll never have to worry about wasting time and effort searching for information, or worse, starting from scratch. Each appointment you make will automatically pull up your student's information and notes from your last session

All in one comprehensive program, we provide an effective solution following the ISCA model standards: academic domain, career domain, personal/social domain and global perspective domain.