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 EdSeed - Social crowdfunding network for education

Build a global education community of donors, students requiring financial aid, academic institutions and corporates furthering education funding

edSeed: an education focused crowdfunding social network developed by the (US-based 501c3 supporting youth education through programs and incubating tech and media startups) delivered on Android & iOS

Key features

  • Detailed student profiles: Degree, location, aspirations, academic performance, video & photo updates engaging donors actively

  • Donor campaign selection:  filter students by degree, location, gender, university

  • University verification: addresses donor concerns over student data integrity & fund distribution by having education institutions validate student enrollment & directly receive funds

  • Endorsement: students can seek endorsements through their social network to raise their profiles

  • Grant Matching: Donor organizations incentivise individual donors by matching their donations

User acquisition

  • Educational institutions - onboarding universities through training programs; once trained, a university connects their student records and financial systems through APIs to validate student enrollment & transfer funds to University-held student accounts

  • Students - training programs delivered by fellows in the field to orient students with the app and the crowdfunding process

Unique proposition

  • Ongoing campaign updates - using familiar social media skills, students keep donors aware of & interested in their updates & obtains endorsements from their  community on other social networks

  •  Transparency & credibility addresses donor concern over campaign credibility by verifying student enrollment & sending funds directly to the educational institution

  • Analytics - provide campaign insights & analytics to educational institutions & donors

  • Address an overlooked demographic - most education aid goes to K-12, few solves the growing problem for university students funding, a segment able to support entire families upon graduation