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Susurrus FZ LLC

Susurrus is a marketplace that helps brands to run influencer marketing campaigns automatically.  

Influencers are people that have an expertise over a specific field (fashion, beauty, food, travel etc), a dedicated (usually) large base of followers (starting from 10k) on social media & they create and distribute content.

The product consists of 3 steps: 
1. Matchmaking: The brand targets its audience according to specific criteria (gender, age groups, countries, interests, budget etc) & Susurrus recommends a set of influencers that match them. 
2. These influencers create & publish posts on their blogs & social media talking about the brand. 
3. The Brand has real-time analytics of the ROI of its campaign (social media engagement, time spent on site, unique visitors, conversion rates, social media insights).

 Our vision is that even the smallest brand can promote its products and services worldwide through Susurrus.