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Mobile applications began to take a great deal of importance in the field of health care profession. Some studies showed that these applications help in improving the quality standard and delivery of health care, and is applying great strength to the relationship between health professionals and patients.

Clinicare is a mobile application for medical consultations where users are connected to doctors. Clinicare enables users to communicate with doctors with a safe and secured chat medium with different features that include written, voice record, pictures and videos. Clinicare allows users to select the medical specialties available and view and review the profiles of all registered doctors in these disciplines. All doctors in different disciplines are arranged based on the assessment and evaluations made by users. Some other services are also provided by Clinicare to support users’ needs and enhance their experiences with the application.  Doctor in duty, health information, medical advices and medications are among those services. Moreover, The Clinicare application enables users to book an appointment with a doctor for the time appropriate for both parties to communicate about some health concerns or to get the best medical advices.