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CheckMe connects doctors and patients in a simple and innovative way through our cloud based service. CheckMe improves the experience of healthcare, provides more comfort and allows patients to make use of their waiting time by controlling and accessing their rank in the waiting room. We believe this new way of access to healthcare will help both doctors and patients and thus make the healthcare system more efficient, transparent and personalised than the traditional methods.

CheckMe cares about the environment, therefore, we are committed to personal computers recycling with the aim of using the LCD screens from old PCs in our terminals. The terminal is a 15 to 21 inches frame that comes with a small PC and a screen that shows the waiting list in the office.

CheckMe proposes a system that helps both doctors and patients to have a better experience on every visit. The system allows the doctor to manage his waiting room remotely from a web-based app and make sure that everything is going smoothly outside.

By using the app, the patient can update his personal information, track his treatment online securely and get access to all shared data between him and the doctor (Appointments, Prescriptions, Rank) in few clicks. The patients will be able to check-in once, log their presence in the office to get registered on the system and track the progress live. They will get notified on every rank change, in a way they can leave the office and come back when they have only 2 or 1 patients waiting ahead of them. Such functionality will save patients up to 70% of their time on every visit.

After a month of use by the doctor, the system will be able to calculate the average time the patient needs to wait to see his doctor basing on previous appointments recorded for that doctor. The platform for doctors allows them to track appointment requests, send messages to their patients to inform them of any desired information and manage all treatments that belong to every patient who has visited them once at least. A very useful use case will be an ‘’unexpected trip’’ for the doctor that requires canceling all bookings for a certain slot of days or weeks. Through the platform, the doctor writes the message and click on send to inform every single patient instead of calling them one by one.