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Ease the daily life of patient living in remote area by deploying mobile unit close to home. People with a chronic disease who have to undergo periodic treatment should not travel long distance. Our mission is to enable health facilities to deploy mobile unit in right time, right place and with the right price. Our solutions include a range of MedSystems®: -MedMapping : a real-time patient map based on a geolocation method. -MedTracking: a smart location tool intended to pin servicing station and draw optimum itinerary. -MedTrucks : enables patients to receive a treatment procedure while seating in a fully equipped medical truck -MedEducation: a telemedicine platform to remote control dialysis sessions By using medical trucks with ours dedicated mapping tools, the hospital extends healthcare activities. Thus it provides access to patients living in a remote area who would otherwise have to travel long distances to receive their life-saving treatment; to avoid transportation costs and risk of flight for correctional care facilities; and even disaster response needs. By deploying health systems close to the patients, we facilitate their daily life.