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"Mazboot" is the first Arabic application on smartphones and the web for helping diabetic patients self-manage their disease for better control of their blood glucose level and hence more productivity, less complications and fewer healthcare expenditure. 

Features of Mazboot application:

  • Self-Management:

Patient can self-manage his disease by those main features;

1- Blood Glucose measurements' logging and follow up with a notification system based upon the interpretation of the measurements entered and with calculation of estimated Average blood glucose and estimated Glycated Hemoglobin HbA1c.

Logging of Blood glucose measurements has a huge medical importance in changing the behaviour of the patient by continuous monitoring of blood glucose with relating the daily entered measurement with the daily dietary habits and regularity in taking the medicine in appropriate dose and other health habits.

2- Medication registry with alarm system on the times for doses required.

3- Weight follow-up with ideal weight calculation.

4- Regular checkups’ reminder and logging, with important investigations and doctor visits required periodically to avoid disease complications.

5- Integration with Google fit to get the daily steps count and active time which is advised not to be less than 30 minutes.

All the medical data that the patient enters becomes continuously-updated in an organized health record with detailed graphs for easy-to-understand trends. It also can be easily shared with the patient’s private doctor through all the possible sharing channels.

  • Online consultation:

Patients can freely ask a wide community of doctors about their complaints, fears and management plans to face their daily challenge in controlling their blood glucose measurement. In order to deliver personalized answer to patients' questions, doctors can easily view the patient's' health profile with all their medical data.

All patients can benefit from the questions of each other and comment supporting by advice or sympathy which is a very important social support for the patient to feel not alone. For patients who want some privacy, they can choose asking anonymously with hiding their profile in the community except for the doctor asked the question.

  • Patient education:

Highly trusted, evidence-based medical content is delivered through the app. in the form of interactive articles and videos for raising awareness of the patients about the main issues that interfere with their daily lifestyle like diet and nutritional management of the disease. Recent studies or medical news about diabetes are also posted to the users.

Premium Features (discussed in detail in revenue streams):

1- Personal Coaching; by trained diabetes educators under supervision of doctors.

2- Linking the app with the glucometers to import the measurements data without the need of the patient to enter them manually.

3- Unlimited usage with extra features

4- Sharing the patient’s profile with family member, friend or private doctor who can use the app for continuous remote monitoring of the patient’s diabetes.