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‎مـٌكـعـب - Mok3b‎

Mok3b” is the first co-working space in Ismailia. It has an ethical, professional, and logistical duty to support and be part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, the local student activities, and the projects carried out by non-governmental organizations. The co-working space focuses on three categories that we think it’s essential to the enrichment of our local community: small businesses and startups, student activities and non-governmental organizations. We allow our visitors who are engaged in such activities to come and work on projects. “mok3b” is a friendly place where people can mingle and expand their professional network. Additionally, “mok3b” provide individuals and organizations them with a comforting space, allowing them to work efficiently on their projects without going through the hassle of finding an office space. The co-working space also works hand-in-hand with NGOs towards the enrichment of our local community through cultural events and community-mobilizing movements for social causes