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NOTO is a platform that allows faculty, students and university administrators to communicate, organize and share their data effectively through providing an online and user friendly Learning Management System for universities 

The problem we are solving is the lack of proper channels of data transfer and communication between faculty members and students in higher educational institutions, which negatively affects the quality of the educational process. Along with the high price, and difficulty of adoption of current learning management systems, which still do not provide all the tools required to make the educational process at the quality it deserves. We chose it because we have faced a lot of difficulty during our years in college due to the deficiencies that are present in the communication channels between faculty and students.

Our solution is creating a learning management system (LMS) that not only forgoes the problems that come with the available systems, but also contains features and qualities that truly helps achieve the goal these systems are created for, which is the facilitation of the education process and communication between faculty and students.

The innovation in our system comes from its tackling of the problems that are currently present in other systems, through focusing on how to make the jobs of the users easier to achieve. Since we provide the service for higher educational institutions, we have several user bases, each with their unique jobs. For the institutions we provide online cloud hosting services, where the institutions do not require to create their own hardware setup for the system, which eases the adoption process. For the faculty and students we provide chatting services to communicate efficiently and effectively in contrast to the one sided email feature in other LMSs; we also provide an interactive scheduling tool, that allows users to manage their deadlines, facilitate the scheduling of tasks & "gamefies" their submissions making it more interesting. For students we provide an online cloud storage space for them to be able to manage their own generated academic material and share it with each other without resorting to external cloud storage services, which includes a rating system for students to rate the usefulness of the files that are available, which will minimize the time wasted searching for the suitable source of information. These features and tools are added to the current available tools on standard LMSs, which will facilitate the communication and interaction between faculty and students in an unprecedented way.

The system is created using Ruby on Rails for the back-end development and AngularJS for the front-end Developemnt. The servers will be hosted on a Heroku and the we will be using Amazon(AWS) for cloud storage of the files.