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In a country where delivery is done for everything including tobacco, medicine, raw and cooked food, laundry, grocery…etc., and the absence of any organized on-demand delivery and courier service, Oustaman comes as a great solution with huge potential.

Oustaman – Egypt’s first on-demand courier and delivery service for businesses and individuals – is providing its customers with instant, reliable, and safe way to request a professional courier to run all their errand, pay bills, deliver shipments…etc. with affordable prices and convenient payments.

The beauty of this service is not just providing the customer with an on-demand, safe, and convenient courier and delivery service, but also for providing "runners" with a great job opportunity which guarantees  flexibly and huge income, in comparison to what the can make from any other job they can get. Those people are not well educated and they are exposed to many bad things, but we train and provide them with a great job.