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House of Knowledge

House of Knowledge Simply is a platform for offline education that help people to get the best Instructor for the field they want to learn in the nearest place through a mobile app, we hire freelancer Experts,  provide them with certified material and train them on teaching methods to reach the optimum output, then we give each of them only one class (Group of 8-12 people) at a time to guarantee their commitment and focus with only one group with passion and in return we provide a very suitable salary per their working hours(50-300 EGP per working hour according to the field). In our model we depend on working spaces around Cairo and other governments to maintain being near to many places. 

Through the mobile app the student will be able to choose the field he wants to learn in a place near to his living place with a suitable price with well-trained and experienced trainer in the field he wants.

we started 7 months ago with the Language field (English - German - Spanish) with Talented instructors inside Cairo, we taught more than 200 people and hired more than 30 freelancers at this period, we are aiming to set the platform and include more fields other than languages.  

The good thing about our classes that the students find different type of education environment e.g. the instructor is someone who has working experience in the field not only the knowledge so he can go extra mile with the student beyond the class, the instructor only tutoring one class so its not a load for him so he does it with passion, the instructor might be a doctor or engineer or an 18-year old girl but they are all well-trained from our end to deliver well, our Language coordinator use standard material to make sure that they are using the right curriculum to deliver the content and they train the instructors on it, also we have 4 ways of feedback that helps us to develop and improve.

we started it all without any previous investments opportunity so we hope we can have a chance as its a certain need in Egypt and other countries to learn a certain field in a modern way with good environment with suitable price.