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Solar Ring

Solar Ring specializes in Solar technological advancement introducing the Environmental industry to the Technology industry where we take initiatives towards the Solar Industry and Merge it with the tech industry , our initiative was produced on a derivative of many industries where we focused on many specific products reflecting on innovative solar power solutions such as a "Solar Tower" for Construction sites or a "Solar Tri-cycle" for the ice cream, beverage & desserts industry affecting the industries with green solutions to engage the environment with a technological advancement in a healthier and effective way. 

Introducing the Solar Ice Cream & Desserts Tricycle or aka The Icekl, our innovation in cooling and cleantech has reached to

develop a portable freezer working on a 300W Solar Panel providing 48 hours of Operation and charging uptime of 5 hours of

sunlight, our revolution in introducing portable stores concepts makes our product one of a kind or to be very frank the first of its

kind, the freezer has been tested and able to maintain a temperature of -15 degrees on an average temperature of 30 degrees

while the feasibility was engaged during the winter season, fear none from the summer, since our compressor works even better

during high measuring temperatures providing even better temperature sustainability during heat season. We have gained initial

traction with our first local customer Rigoletto and the Product was an outstanding success. a small brief about the Product is

provided on the following URL: