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·   El-Mawkaa is a platform that engages between all construction industry stakeholders "Engineers, suppliers, contractors..etc.", we offer services like networking, spreading the Know how of construction industry, help engineers in the construction site by quick calculations, and offering the first online bidding for construction industry in MENA region which is why we believe that we have a great opportunity in leading the market in our field.

·   El-Mawkaa is bridging the big gap between construction industry stakeholders that problem leaded to low productivity and consume alot of time and money in this field.

·   Our goal is to be a professional company chartered in Egypt and leading company that combine construction industry and IT, it will be privately owned by six founding partners with a combined experience in their fields.

 In the 1st year our target is to penetrate the Egyptian market, reaching 100K Users.

For the 2nd year: Spreading in the KSA market beside Egypt, reaching 300K Users.

For the 3rd year: Spreading in (UAE, Oman & Qatar), reaching 700K Users. 

·   Our ideal customers are all construction stakeholders (Engineers, Suppliers, Contractors, Consultant firms, Owners, Workers, Machine owners and Students).

·   El-Mawkaa has indirect competitors, but none of them had solved the main challenge facing the construction industry and this is the competitive edge of El-Mawkaa that it engages the construction industry stakeholders. Moreover, we provide the 1st online bidding in the construction industry in the MENA region.

·   Our team is the most powerful part of our startup this is because we have different backgrounds Civil engineering, Architectural Engineering, Software Development and Businessmen , we are experts construction industry so we can raise the productivity in this industry and decrease the costs and time-consuming.

·   Our product is available online for free. Moreover, we’ll provide services for the Engineers, suppliers, and construction firms as needed.

·   El-Mowkaa reached over 10,000 downloads and user until now.