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Kief Type Foundry

Kief is an independent type foundry founded by type and graphic designer Mohamed Gaber, aiming to produce high quality open source arabic fonts & spread the knowledge of arabic type making it accessible online for free for younger designers interested in learning type design and cant afford the expensive intensive courses or academic study.

With the help and collaboration with Google fonts we were able to release three arabic typefaces in last year alone and As the fonts reached great numbers of use and success Google was interested in Collaborating with us in 2017 as well to produce more typefaces.

Kief aims to grow bigger to be able to host more interns to spread the knowledge of type design more and more.

We believe that investors in the MENA region should be interested in investing in arabic typefaces as well as they did for enriching the arabic content online after all a high quality digital font is how the content can be read on our screens after all and that is not available much as the library of arabic fonts suffers the neglection keeping us behind and not compatible with the growing number of arab internet users.