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Hapiness Play

We are the solution that enables you to take hold of your life and be happier. Research began over 10 years ago with the intention to design a methodology that would provide individuals and organizations with tools to measure and continually improve happiness. Over the years Happiness Play, Auto-Coaching and Pedro Amador, our founder, presence on social and traditional media speaking about the methodology outlined in his 3 published books has increased substantially. In addition to our strong presence in the media we have been developing and testing the technology which converts the methodology from a traditional book to an innovative app with over 30,000 users and 4,300 individuals trained using the methodology.


Business Summary: Our vision is to make the people happier. Our mission is to provide the tools individuals and organizations need to create and sustain happiness. Happiness is a journey and we believe in supporting, through innovative scientific methodologies, the organizations and individuals, to achieve and sustain suitable levels of happiness.  We estimate that over the next 2 years to grow Happiness Play to 0.2% market share equating to $10 Million.


Target Market: The Happiness Technology market is in its infancy but has been estimated to be - $5.2b CAGR 4.5% yr.


Business Model:  

·     Making the methodology available to individuals and organizations at a cost effective rate to promote widespread application.

·     B2C - HappinessPlay serves as a personal happiness assistant to our end-users, helping them focus on their wellbeing goals.

·     B2B/B2G- HappinessPlay Pro is a web-based technology that supports organizations, governments, and professionals to measure and improve current happiness levels across a number of interactions. Software as a Service model.



·     Pedro Amador: founder, techpreneur and happiness expert. +20 yrs. strong software experience (Baan, Infor, Microsoft).

·     Antonio Canales: CFO formed in Business Administration from ICADE, has +40 yrs. experience in advising to large company.

·     Santiago Álvarez: Computer Engineering, Master Applied Artificial Intelligence University of Aberdeen, +20 yrs. SW experience.


Customers tested: The product and methodology has been tested by a wide range of professionals including (coaches, psychologists, mentors, salesmen, human resources). Nivea created a customized version of HappinessPlay (previous Autocoaching) for their customers (in 2012 $100K project).

Competitors: Happify (+16.5M funding.), Happier Inc ($3.2 Funding), The Happiness Index Ltd (+710K$ funding), Lumos Labs, Inc. (+$67.5M total funding), The Happiness Challenge and Memorado (total funding of $4.6M), Clarabridge (now prepared an IRS Form 8937).


Competitive Advantage: Happiness Play stands out from the competitors in the fact that it provides individuals with a tool to assess their current happiness while providing them with an extensive range of suggestions/tools to create an action plan on how to change their happiness. Happiness Play Pro stands out from its competitors in the complexity of analysis of trends within the community to assist the organization to create a more intelligent action plan to improve employee happiness and engagement.

The integration of this Happiness Play Pro tool into any local or federal government strategy will assist the government to assess the happiness of the community and create strategies to continually improve the happiness index of the city, state and country.


Company Profile
EN Web:

SP Web:
Industry: Software and services
Employees: 3 + outsourcing

Research: 2006 Launched: 2016


Financial Information(USD)

Company Stage: Full Product Previous Capital: 350K

Pre-money Valuation: 2M

Capital Seeking: 300K-500K


Additional Information

An initial capital of €400K (founder and family&friends), $2M total goodwill, based on its potential for generating profit. We are seeing Series A investment of between $300K and $500K USD at the moment where we are willing to offer an equity share starting at 15%.

Investors: Aitor Canales, William Baldwin

Advisors: UAE, Adel El-Huni, Jean-Luc Scherer, Hisham Al Gurg.

Spain: Joaquim Casals, Javier Arteaga.

LATAM: Gustavo Abuchalja.