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Problem we are trying to solve:

People who want to ship their stuff globally, they usually use Aramex, Fedex or DHL and it would cost them between $70-150$ depending on what are they shipping and the distance. The duration is usually 3-5 days unless you’re paying extra for quicker delivery. Moreover, the receiver can pay for customs. It’s a lot of hassle and we have been shipping with the same exact way for the past 100 years.

On the other side, travelers don't fully utilize the space in their luggage when they are traveling though they are paying the airline ticket.

Hitchhiker's Solution:

Hitchhiker is a social network platform to Connect Shippers who want to use an alternative way than Aramex, DHL, Fedex to send their stuff globally to save Money & Time, with Travelers who have empty space in their luggage and want to make money while traveling. 

Added value for Shippers:

• They can send their stuff faster as the trip won’t take longer than a day.

• They will send their stuff half the price cheaper as the traveler won’t take the same amount of money as Giant shippers.

Added value for travelers:

  • Travelers can make money while travelling, helping them in paying some of the trip’s expenses.

Ofcourse the first thing that comes to your mind is SECURITY!! This is for sure the first and only party stopper for Peer-to-Peer shipping business model.

So what does Hitchhiker offers in order to minimize the fear of security breaches?

We take user’s security and privacy very serious, the information you provide during this process is kept private. We will make sure that we provide a trustable community and therefore:

• Travelers should inspect every shipment before travelling when they meet with Senders for pickup.

• All items are insured against loss up to $1000

• User verification: Governmental ID, Mobile no, Bank accounts, Facebook & email are verified online before completing any deal.

Is there any competition worldwide?

Globally there are a few companies that entered the Peer-to-peer Delivery industry, none has the same solution. They are targeting different problems.

1- Grabr --> travelers buy stuff for people ( Got funded $3.5M )

2-Roadie --> same concept but inside US only ( Got funded $10M )

3- Airmule --> same concept but they offer the bags to travelers and they target only China ( the travelers are mainly on-board couriers )( Got funded around $1M ) 

Business Model:

Our business Model is simple, we will charge $2 for the shipper & $0.5 for the traveller which means $2.5/deal. We believe this is just the start as our solution is very new to people. WE must educate people with the concept, show them they have a problem then we can increase the fees to become 20% in 2018.

Moreover, we will highly depend on targeted ads for airlines, car rentals & hotels per city. We will have a beta version of this model when we have our first 10K users ( Cost per click & Cost per impression campaigns ) 


We will Launch this weekend & our App is already on Google play & App store.

App store name: Hitchhiker - ship with a fellow traveler

Google play name: Hitchhiker