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CUBII provides smart innovative, standard and customized, industrial solutions, by designing, manufacturing, and maintaining production lines for small and medium-sized manufacturers. CUBII is primarily focused on the food industry - dairy, juices, vinegar, oil & sugar. Manual labors resulting low efficacy and low hygiene and Low of skilled They work with primitive tools of production using wrong materials and processes, causing infections, contamination and bacteria. As a result, consumers can easily get food poison . Some levels of automations relating on : Chinese is low quality as they use the wrong type of stainless steel or other components used. The ramification of that is these machines suffer from rusting and short mean-time-between-failure Used European machinery, on the other hand is bought typically used which suffer from the following shortcomings: They are not necessarily designed for their capacity, They are very difficult to maintain and hence have a short lifetime. The new has quite expensive. CUBII's office and workshop are located in the center of the Nile Delta Region,  while importers operate out of big cities and industrial zones and do not have the required reach to serve village factories. Thus CUBII offers timely support and scheduled  maintenance, differentiating itself in these undeserved markets. All CUBII  design ideas and production lines are locally manufactured and assembled according to world-class specifications using stainless steel 304/316 to offer high-quality industrial solutions. CUBII designs offers standardized and customized machinery according to its clients needs, all within an affordable package.