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Our Vision 

We aspire to change the way we lead, interact and perceive human capital and people development in this world

Our Mission

We speak futuristic language (the internet), and depend on passionate young people who have high qualities and values (the generations of tomorrow), to empowering the change we seek to see, and reach the healthy wellbeing inside of organisations and life

What we do

We launch several initiatives, in a user-friendly & a smart context, that emphasises on solving variety of issues in different levels, and grab the opportunity in fulfilling our purpose of changing the way organisations works:


We aspire to highlight the real treasure of the GCC beyond the natural resources which is Khaliji Talents, a search engine that display their talents and share success stories & achievements. // (it is a show case website)


We aspire to bring human development to the next level, and link it to our social life, it is a social platform promoting the people and training concept, where every one can unleash the best version from within. (Social media is no more a waste of time ). // //


We focus on changing the traditional way of working and acquiring talents in SMEs by creating alternative (online hub) where people work with passion ,on their own terms, grow and prosper.

Who We Are

 We call ourselves treelancers, because we focus on empowering working professionals, emphasising on professionalism, prosperity and growth

A team of walkers but not talkers, who set to be a real change-agents and believers, who challenge the status-quo constantly

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About the TREELANCING concept 

Case study: When was the last time you received a text message (except for credit card transaction, or mobile payment)?

But if you check your whats app, and see how many texts you received in the last hour only, you will realise how disruptive & impactful the whats app is!

The talented founder of this company, was rejected by Facebook, because Facebook COULDN’T CAPTURE THE TALENT behind his candidature.

Our Solution: We created a freelancing platform that save you from similar traps, where we haunt, screen & select high values & quality people, (emphasising on Generation Y & Z, the seeds of tomorrow), then we conduct a readiness program for them, then we invite them to promote their capabilities on, in a context that helps you CAPTURE THEIR TALENT, as individuals OR (as a TEAM depending on mutual values, a future step by developing an algorithm), & eventually motivating them to stretch, grow & prosper.