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twigBIG is smart social network for word-of-mouth recommendations. It is also a smart marketplace that harnesses the power of word-of-mouth marketing and machine learning, AR, VR and MR technologies to drive the biggest conversions to businesses and consumers.  The system uses machine learning to deeply learns users’ behaviors and build a profile for each, hence it can drive them to buy or try specific products and services that they would like; moreover, the system will use AR and VR and it will allow users to shop in a mixed reality environment. Businesses can accurately reach their targeted customers and make at least 40% better sales organically if they provide valuable services or by running paid campaigns. twigBIG has the experiences and products of businesses under these eight verticals: food & beverages, travel, beauty, activities, kids, health & wellness and services.

twigBIG solves key problems for consumers and businesses. Consumers have many options to try and cannot know the good from the bad when they shop and travel unless if they try each and every product and service, which is impossible, while businesses struggle and spend a lot to reach their right customers that would convert. Moreover, the market is loaded with the cheap, scam, low-quality and pricey products and services that do not worth their cost; twigBIG will guide the consumers to try, book or buy the best experiences and products that are not only good and within their budgets but also suitable to their tastes.

In other words, twigBIG enhances the efficiency of consumerism and economy, and it helps the businesses and people to make smart choices.