Got a Startup? Add it!


With the lack of accurate consumers’ data in the region and challenges to offline media with its excess spending; Snash is the first of its kind mobile shopping marketing platform in the Middle East, which provides partnering brands with REAL consumer data for FMCG brands. You will have access to demographical data of targeted consumers through driving shoppers to purchase, validate their purchase via a photo of the receipt then rewarding them with various monetary awards and gifts.

The whole idea popped up as we were studying similar very successful models of Mobile shopping in different regions and seeing how effective they are whether from consumer side or that of the partnering brand. Mobile usage figures are very high in the ME as well as Online/ Mobile shopping so what better way to integrate the same and generate authentic real time data which you as our partner, will benefit from working on your next calendar or setting your marketing budget!

 In other words, we are offering a holistic digital platform targeting offline or let’s call them: conventional grocery shoppers.