Got a Startup? Add it!

The objective is to form a unique Travel and Tourism Company of its kind  to cater growing need of travellers keeping pace with future technology development in industry such as NDC (New Distribution Capabilities). The first Travel agency to receive IATA  NDC level 3 certification in  the regions of GCC, Middle East, Africa, Central Asia and Sub-Continent. Proud to declare here that we are third in the world and number one to have accredited with NDC level 3 certification of PADIS 16.2 version. The name of the agency is appearing on IATA website page and can be viewed on left hand side under NDC registry, selecting travel agency from drop down menu.

The Travel Company is being kept ready to provide complete travel solution including Flights, Hotels, Holiday Packages, Transfers, Car rentals, Cruises etc.  From UAE  the business will be linked with other countries through high level technologies with contents offered to Franchises in regions of GCC, Middle East, Central Asia, Sub-continent and Africa.