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Salaty is an award-winning brand that provides children and women with a selection of beautiful and uniquely-crafted prayer gowns and prayer essentials; made in the United Arab of Emirates.


In an effort to expand upon the highly-marginalized options available in today's marketplace, Salaty has carefully considered the growing demand for a wider selection of products. Motivated by these appeals for more suitable alternatives, Salaty has successfully been able to offer a niche of finely-tailored pieces in a variety of sizes to suit every body type. Driven by a passion for prayer at its core, Salaty speaks to and encourages a modest and, yet, graciously-dressed audience.


Inspired by the latest seasonal fashion trends, our designs were skillfully translated into unique and esthetically-pleasing prayer gowns. We made it our mission to uncover a selection of light-weight soft fabrics from butter crepe and cotton to achieve a flawless and comfortable look. For easy mobility, all of Salaty's prayer gowns come with a practical carrying pouch that can be taken to the workplace, kept in a handbag for day-to-day use, or transported for traveling purposes.


To further encourage children to pray from a young age, we are introducing a colorful children's collection with interactive and educational tools that come with matching prayer mats. Salaty is also proud to introduce a mother and daughter collection in matching designs to inspire children to join their role models in prayer.


Our product line will expand to include practical and graceful prayer mats as well as a larger collection of interactive and educational tools for children, including a children's alarm clock, flash cards, books, puzzles, and a prayer reward chart. We launched Salaty in the United Arab Emirates, providing a platform for our products to be sold online through, and cater for worldwide shipping.