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KIWI is a real-time food offers app with a beautiful UI and a smart Search AI Algorithm that aims to help users find a dish they want in under 30 seconds. Restaurants can use KIWI to push content in real-time allowing them to respond to daily trends in their customer market & geographical location 

KIWI originally came about as we tried to solve the problem of prepared-food waste from restaurants. To prevent it, we wanted to enable restaurants to shout-out to the surrounding community about high-value offers and discounts on food that was approaching shelf-life. 

We want to change the way restaurants interact with their customers. Think about the airline industry and the hospitality industry, they have the power to reduce their prices when the market demand is low or during off season. KIWI provides restaurants a real-time platform to respond to changes in their customer segment.

Today, KIWI is an effective marketing tool for restaurants to post offers and discounts.