Got a Startup? Add it!


finding an efficient & cost-effective service provider is difficult, we should google it, ask friends or even the watch man. Lots of time is consumed in search and calls till we can choose a provider and yet it is matter of luck if it is good or not. On the other side service providers struggle with their online reach, brand awareness, high competition which make the process of being found by the clients not an easy process.

We felt there had to be a better way to get things done. And that’s how Ingizly came about. Ingizly, Arabic for "get it done for me”, was created for a simple purpose, to bridge the gap between your service needs and the service providers 

We have built an online marketplace for services, that connect the services providers with the customer. That makes finding and hiring the right service provider a simple and hassle free process. Where client post the job requirement and when it is needed to be done, receive different quotations directly in his Email, SMS and the platform dashboard, select the right quotation that fit him (based on the price, terms and conditions provided by the provider) and the ability to pay online using credit cards (soon to be launched) . For the providers, we provide an automated process that make it easy for them to manage the jobs as well as benefit from our marketing strategy that bring customers all the way to their dashboard as well as providing tools such as a wallet that manage their transaction fees (soon to be launched) and accepting online payments (soon to be launched) which most of providers does not have and consider as a limitation to increase their market share.