Got a Startup? Add it!


The concept of BusinessBid was introduced into the UAE after detailed and extensive research which highlighted the need of a comprehensive, efficient and a single source of connecting users to vendors within the UAE market. Simply put we are trying to provide a solution.


 We understand how important it is to engage a reliable service provider who provides great service at a competitive price and instead of calling around for quotes and waiting for vendors to get back to you; we do the hard work for you.

• Save time and money

• Find qualified vendors and service providers in your area

• Receive competitive quotes from your local professionals


We also understand that sustaining a business can be challenging and growing a customer base can be even tougher. Therefore in addition of being customer centric we care about the businesses of our service providers.

We notify you when a customer requests a service you can provide and ensure you are receiving quality leads, even while you're on-the-go.

• Promote your business online and get access to a large audience

• Attract new customers who are seeking to engage service professionals

• Get access to more jobs.