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CloudSale is a vision for transforming the traditional wholesale trade to the digital era. We don’t aim to blast you with technology jargons as we believe that the platform, the team behind it, and the execution plan is what matters, not only the technology.

The spine of every business, specifically the one's trading products is the massive supply chain loops.

 Cost, reachability, quality, billing & collection, brand, financing we’re affecting every aspect of the business!

 What goes into those supply chain loops is so complex that we get overwhelmed while trying to optimize the business cycle.


15 years in the market taught us how things are really done on the ground, not just in theory. Along with the contribution of the cross-industry team raised in regional and multinational entities, backed with the state of the art infrastructure and solid processes, we are offering a local marketplace for e-wholesale trade, drawing a digital lifeline to save SMEs and optimizing the procurement cycle.


Our model can, with the right strategic partners from both of the public and private sectors to dominate the wholesale business to level the playground between tycoons and SMEs.

A platform where wholesalers showcase by default all their products securely, where settlements happen via converting cash or credit to a state of electronic currency instantly transferable to other parties.

Real-time comparing for specific items needed, creating comparison reports, and transferring ownership certificates, we serve SMEs as a connected procurement hub.

CloudSale is a solution to retain the great efficiency of consumers’ e-platforms that is much more scalable than a regular business interface, we are adopting all necessary technologies for higher efficiency in the workplace.

In a nutshell, CloudSale is a supply chain platform integrated into a b2b e-commerce marketplace, on a blockchain.