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Home-care nursing services

7keema is a mobile application that provide a safe, instant and high quality services in the field of home care nursing through registered and licensed professional nurses from both genders. Services will be provided around clock initially in Egypt and expanding to Arab region.

7keema aim to ensure customer satisfaction through fulfilling the needs of patients and their families by providing high standard nursing services according to the international standards of healthcare quality and infection control

-Quick service (up to 1 hour)
-Basic Service (around 3 hours)
-Advanced Service (around 6 hours)
-Premium Service ( up to 12 hours)


1) Wisdom
2) Merciful
3) Patience 
4) Honesty
5) Professionalism
6) Responsibility
7) Respect Privacy

7keema beneficiaries: 
1) Patients after discharge from ICU
2) Patients after discharge from surgery
3) Cancer patients care, Terminal & hospice care
4) Special needs patients
5) Care for Pregnant and after delivery women
6) Elderly\ Geriatric care
7) Bid-ridden care