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Cloud Niners Ltd.

Initially Cloud Niners was founded as a software and technology service provider. Since founding by a group of IT veterans, the company has displayed a track record of enabling any business to become a successful E-Business with highly efficient operations, real-time information flow and better responsiveness to customers. Cloud Niners delivers stunning solutions and value too customers by linking information technology to business strategy including productivity, quality, cost and time savings. Most recently our group of extraordinary engineers developed the companys core product TeeksforGeeks is a social haven for IT geeks that allows them to collaborate, learn and earn money. The website sits on top of a platform that allows subscribers to develop their own classes, or Teeks. Teeks are bite sized leaning units that includes videos, chapters, quizzes and labs. The website is also designed as a social network to allow users to follow they friends, post comments and status updates and earn achievement rewards in the form of points, belts, titles and badges. TeeksforGeekss patented cloud-based labs and automated assistance technologies provides unique value that no other e-learning website currently has.