Got a Startup? Add it!


To talk about the idea, let’s imagine a guy who carries a dream in his subconscious mind just like everyone does but he is afraid to share it, work on it or even visualize it coming true. His dream is really inspiring and certainly will make the world a better place but also as many people he needs motivation, support and he certainly needs to overcome the barrier of fear. He needs to see other people achieving their dreams, getting support from them and for sure he is always looks for inspiration. is specially made for that guy, offers him the platform to finally share his dream and get it out of his subconscious mind to the real world, after our guy does so he would complete his dream profile stating his needs and milestones. He would also categorize his dream whether its business, personal, charitable or etc…, in order to connect with people with similar interests. Then the magical part comes, he would see his dream listed in a nonstop streaming dreams on 7el.mes homepage. He would be inspired by all the dreams he see and involuntarily he would interact, push, comment on those dreams and connect with the dreamers. He would experience the power of the PUSH button when he visits and find that his dream had been pushed like 1000 times, he would be highly motivated to push his dream forward. Also, when he sees all of those dreams, he would like to see some of them come true and thats why he would push them. So eventually everyone would push his dream forward. He would find himself spending a lot of time monitoring the number of pushes, comments and thoughts from others on how to achieve those dreams. He would have a ranking on based on his activity so he would want to act more to improve his ranking and hence his public image among people. The dream in the guys subconscious mind is no longer a dream, it’s now his new project, his new business or his new job. Hopefully would become a success story for everyone.